Air Conditioning Company Wollongong

Our team is made up of professional and courteous electricians and technicians who provide high-quality workmanshipand can deliver on tight deadlines. If you need air-conditioning services for your home or business, gives NDL Group a call and we will have one of our experts give you a quote and set an appointment with you.


NDL Group offer supply and install of Daikan Air-Conditioning systems, to ensure our customers receive the best quality products. We provide installation and repairs for:

  • Split System Air-Conditioning
  • Ducted Air-Conditioning
  • Residential and Commercial Properties


Many of our clients have enjoyed our efficient air-conditioning services,

as we guarantee customer satisfaction at all times.


For any quotes, questions or enquiries, get in touch and we’ll get back to you straight away.

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For your Home or Business, air-conditioning is important and at times essential. It provides comfort to you and your family all year round. You may purchase air-conditioning units on your own or we can work with you to find the best suited system for your property.

At NDL Group, we have only exensively trained and experienced providers who always supply the best service from installation, maintenaince and repairs of air-conditioning systems and units.


Our experienced team ensure proper ventalation and correct power distribution to future proof against any issues and to ensure you have an air-conditioner ready to use instantly.

Our Process starts with a good plan and design. We find the best location in your property to install the air-conditioning units so that the coolnedd and comfort can be effectively distributed throughout your residence.

We then install necessary electrical wirings, outlets, and power sources to prent any power overloads or surges.